Capital Gains Tax Accountants

Capital gains tax can be very costly when you do not know how to properly offset it. With expert capital gains tax advice and effective planning, however, it is possible to massively reduce tax bills while remaining fully compliant with the UK’s tax laws.

Specialists in Capital Gains Tax Accounting

Our fully certified business tax accountants in Perth, Kinross and Dundee will work closely with you to provide personalised tax advice, ensuring you take advantage of all available reliefs and exemptions you are entitled to.

Whatever your circumstances and capital gains tax issues may be, we make sure you know how to utilise your annual personal CGT allowance to its fullest, leading to significant tax savings.

We help businesses make educated capital gains tax decisions while supporting them every step of the way.

Whether it is advising on the most effective way to minimise business tax burden, or dealing with capital gains losses, the B&L team can show you how to handle tax levied on your profits. We can assist you with: 

  • Successful CGT planning and mitigation advice
  • Advising on your eligibility for various CGT reliefs
  • Advising on industry-specific reliefs and regulations

Advanced CGT Analysis

You might not have to pay as much tax as you think when selling assets. Through a comprehensive analysis of your financial affairs and personal circumstances, we are able to show you how to reduce, delay or even avoid capital gains tax payments when selling assets. 

Making Full Use Of CGT Reliefs

There are a number of tax reliefs available, but without expert advice, mistakes can be easily made and these could affect your eligibility. Our highly experienced team ensures that you have the best chances of qualifying, helping you avoid unnecessary additional expenses with your CGT. 

Helping Businesses & Individuals Alike

Our tax accountants that serve Perth, Kinross and Dundee areas provide tax assistance at all levels, guiding individuals and businesses through a wide range of capital gains tax issues.  Whether you are an individual or a business wanting, we can advise you on the ways to reduce your capital gains tax liability.

Dedicated Services for Capital Gains Tax

CGT Advice

Receive expert advice on offsetting and calculating tax reliefs bespoke to your unique circumstances and needs. 

CGT Consultation

Book a one-to-one consultation with one of our capital gains tax advisors to explore various opportunities available to you, including allowances, exemptions and reliefs, treatment of capital losses, tax-efficient business reconstruction, and more. 

CGT Exemptions

Did you know that there are certain circumstances where you do not need to pay CGT? It could be when selling your main residence or a foreign property or giving an asset to a charity. Let us help you figure out what designation/status your assets lie within.

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