Here at B&L, we strive to make tax and accountancy simpler and more efficient for our clients through cloud-based accounting. This is why we provide a range of adaptable software solutions for our clients as part of their package, including Xero, Dext, QuickBooks & TaxKings app.

Better Accounting With A Range Of Accountancy Software Options

The advantages cloud-based accounting has over office-based accountancy software are many – it allows you to handle your accounting needs anytime and from anywhere: it’s scalable, cost-effective, and very easy to use. 

Our cloud accounting services ensure that your data will always reflect current, real-time information, and any issues you face will be quickly dealt with by us or our cloud service partners. 

Our app advisors can help you choose the most suitable cloud option for your business, offer training to ensure your staff can use it confidently and automate certain processes to drive efficiency across your business. 

B&L TaxKings App

When you join B&L, you’ll gain access to the B&L TaxKings app; a software solution, facilitated by our partners at TaxKings, that makes it easier to collate information, track invoices, keep on top of VAT, and so much more. The app also provides information on key dates, along with calculators and mileage tracking.

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Dext Accounting

Dext (formerly ReceiptBank) is one of the most convenient ways to keep on top of receipts and invoices and send them directly to your dedicated accountant at B&L. With Dext, you can capture your bills and receipts using your smartphone’s camera and upload them to secure cloud storage. This way you’re not only saving time spent on data entry but also ensuring that you don’t miss out on any reclaimable VAT. 

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Xero Accounting

By using Xero, our clients are able to manage the ins and outs of their finances in real-time and receive regular updates from their dedicated accountant at B&L, bank accounts, and credit cards. The app also allows them to easily create and send invoices with online payments and invoice reminders for quicker payments.

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Quickbooks Accounting

Perfect for small businesses, self-employed workers, contractors and start-ups, Quickbooks is one of the platforms we utilise to improve tax and payroll management. The platform provides you with up-to-date financial statements, including balance sheet, profit & loss and cash flow statements to help keep your accounts accurate and organised.

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Accountancy Manager Software

AccountancyManager is an award-winning CRM & practice management software that we use to ensure excellent client communication and impeccable project management. With all client details, tasks and documents in one place, we can access whatever information we or you may need quickly and effortlessly, which means more time for us to do our job and a really positive experience for you.

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We have partnered with some of the leading online accounting software providers to make bookkeeping and accounting for your business as effortless as possible. 

So, if you want your business to breeze through accounting while receiving top support from our tax specialists, get in touch today.

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