Corporation Tax Accountants

With corporation tax, rates and eligibility criteria changing on an annual basis, financial plans can quickly become unsuitable. We ensure you stay at the forefront of these changes, enabling you to make the most of all of the exemptions, allowances and deductions available for tax returns calculations.

Corporation Tax Accounting Specialists

At B&L, our highly experienced corporation tax accountants will assist you with the accurate and timely preparation of company accounts, company tax returns, and tax computations; ensuring your company is compliant with all your corporation tax obligations.

This way, you can have the peace of mind that you won’t incur any fines or penalties from HMRC, as well as that you never pay more corporation tax than you have to.

As a small business, we understand the ins and outs of corporation tax and how to make it work for you.

Our specialist business tax accountants serving Perth, Kinross and Dundee are ready to help you with all aspects of accounting, bookkeeping and corporation tax advice your company may need. We provide a range of tax related services that cover the following areas:  

  • Preparing tax returns
  • Minimising tax
  • Structuring a business for growth and risk mitigation
  • Optimising tax planning
  • Staying up-to-date with current tax legislations and thresholds
  • Filing on time and never missing a deadline

Cloud-Based Accountancy

Using the best corporate tax administration technology solutions in the market, we can analyse your data more effectively and efficiently.

Making Corporation Tax Simple

There are only about 11 pages on the CT600 form, and yet, trying to get information just right for your corporation tax form can be stressful. It doesn’t need to be. B&L are making corporation tax and your deductions easier to find.

Offering Expert Advice

By taking a close look at your business, our accountants can advise and assist with all of your company’s accounting and tax needs, reducing your tax bill and relieving you of the administrative burden.

Dedicated Services for Corporation Tax


Save time and focus on running your business by outsourcing your bookkeeping to professional business accountants.

Filing VAT Returns

B&L can help you manage your corporation tax returns, ensuring you always submit on time and stay fully compliant with HMRC’s requirements.


With tax thresholds continually evolving,  we help you stay ahead of all complex changes in the UK and global tax legislation so that you can minimise your tax bill.


Many businesses do not realise that certain expenses can lower their corporation tax bill. Let us help you manage your expenses and reduce tax.

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