Tax Investigation Accountants

With HMRC conducting a great number of tax investigations at random, a lot of innocent taxpayers are being caught out in what is often a very intrusive, stressful and ultimately expensive experience. B&L can help protect you should you face an HMRC tax investigation.

Tax Investigations Accountancy Advice

As HMRC has the power to inspect your business documents and records at any time, we can ensure that you are protected from any costly fees with the best possible representation.

Having the most appropriate protection service alleviates the stress for you and your business from HMRC investigations while saving you precious time and resources.

We understand that a tax investigation can leave you feeling stressed and anxious.

HMRC has the right under law to examine your documents and information unannounced, going back up to 20 years to investigate matters.

To protect you, our experienced accountants that serve Perth, Kinross, and Dundee will ensure that all your documents are mapped and formatted in excellent order, thereby helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our tax investigation protection services cover areas such as:

– VAT Inspections
– IR35 Investigations

– Standard HMRC Compliance
– HMRC Notices

Helping You Prepare

HMRC will only ever accept information in a specific format. We will work closely with you to review all of the records and help you prepare a clear, concise and convincing disclosure document that will allow us to bring your case to a quick resolution, minimising any possible penalties.

Accommodating Your Needs

There are a number of different tax investigations each associated with a different level of severity. Depending on your personal circumstances, you can receive dedicated assistance with all variations of HMRC inspection or compliance visit into VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, CIS, and tax credits amongst others.

Relying On Our Experience

With years of experience helping businesses in Scotland and across the UK with tax investigations, we have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle and resolve any case. 

Dedicated Tax Investigation Services

VAT investigation

Our accountants have years of experience working with clients from Perth, Kinross, and Dundee that can help you tidy up your VAT records and advise you on how to best disclose any irregularities to minimise any risk of potential prosecution. 

PAYE Investigation

PAYE audits are carried out to check that an employer is paying all correct PAYE tax and National Insurance obligations. If you’re unsure whether NI and PAYE have been handled correctly, get expert advice from B&L before contacting HRMC or going to see them.

Corporation Tax Investigation

HMRC’s corporate tax compliance checks typically involve rigorous examinations done by tax inspectors. B&L ensures that your tax affairs are in order before this happens, helping you reduce disruption to your business, and keep costs as low as possible. 

Income Tax Investigation

Whether you are an individual, company or trust, you can become the subject of income tax investigation at any point and time. So, if you are facing a tax investigation, or you are concerned about what you may do in the future, we can provide you with expert advice as to how best to navigate your way out of trouble. 

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