Tech Company Accountants

From ambitious entrepreneurs and start-ups to established tech firms, we ensure that our tech company clients have all the financial resources and support they need to keep innovating and expanding in a competitive industry.

Dedicated Accountancy Services For Tech Companies

Our goal is to set you free from the tedious paperwork involved in accounting, payroll, VAT, and corporate tax, and let you focus on making your business a success.

We can help you automate essential, but otherwise time-consuming accounting tasks such as logging receipts and dealing with invoices so that you have more time to capitalise on business opportunities, plan more effectively and ultimately grow your business where you want it to be.

Making accountancy for tech companies simple.

With a fast pace of change and growth, tech companies require accountants and tax advisors who are clued up on how the tech industry works and can help them navigate various business challenges as they arise.

We’re helping our tech company clients with components such as:

-Tax planning

-Unexpected costs
-HMRC requests

Cloud Accounting Solutions

At B&L, we use a range of pioneering digital tax accounting software solutions to make accountancy and bookkeeping accessible and accurate.

Giving You What You Deserve

From government grants and specialist tax relief schemes to generous tax deductions and cash refunds from HMRC, we’ll ensure that you claim all the funds your business is entitled to. 

Personalised Advice

Whether you are a software designer, an app developer, or an animation producer, our team of accountants and tax advisers in Perth deliver a truly bespoke and personalised service to suit your unique needs. 

Fixed Price Services For Tech Companies

Here at B&L, we pride ourselves on offering truly bespoke and personalised services to our clients at clear prices that reflect the value we provide. This way you only pay for what you need and nothing else.

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